publicity pub‧lic‧i‧ty [pʌˈblɪsti] noun [uncountable]
1. the attention that someone or something gets from newspapers, television etc:

• The case has received massive publicity.

• Sales of the drug are falling due to adverse (= negative ) publicity about side-effects.

2. MARKETING the business activity of making sure that people know about a new product, film etc:

• The company plans a major publicity campaign (= a series of events, advertisements etc designed to give something publicity ) for the new technology.

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publicity UK US /pʌbˈlɪsəti/ noun [U] MARKETING
the attention that a person, product, or organization receives from newspapers, television, etc. when something happens that people are interested in: get/receive/seek publicity »

The book didn't get much publicity when it was published.

attract/avoid/generate publicity »

The new board chairman avoids publicity and contact with outsiders.


The publicity surrounding big city bonuses has helped to fuel the public's anger.

adverse/negative/unfavourable publicity »

The high-street chain's sales were hurt by all the negative publicity.


bad/good publicity


advance/free publicity

the business of making sure the public knows about a product, event, organization, etc.: »

The party hired a top PR firm to create publicity for their election ideas.

a publicity budget/campaign/drive »

The bank has launched a $15 million publicity campaign to reposition itself in a difficult market.


a publicity agent/department/manager


publicity material/photos

See Note ADVERTISING(Cf. ↑advertising)

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